This is us!!

This is us!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A much needed night out!

So as Ben's job gets closer to finishing up, the hours that everyone works goes up. Ben worked like crazy last week. He worked over 80 hours, which in reality means that I worked over 80 hours too. It was a long week!!!!
After he got home on Saturday I talked him into letting me go shopping and him keeping the boys at home. I called my friend Katie, and we, along with Ethan( I had to sweeten the deal for ben a little :) went out shopping. We didn't even go out shopping for anything exciting. I needed leggings for my Halloween costume. But it was just going out with a friend and doing something I love. I know first hand why they call it retail therapy! Finding that killer deal will make you forget a lot of stuff that in the big picture isn't very important. My killer deal was finding a pair of hot pink heels on clearance for $10!!!
The shopping was fun but the conversation was better. I love having friends that we can talk about anything and everything. or nothing. And the friendship stays the same. I have been blessed with some greats friends and I know the conversation would be the same no matter how long in between talks. Girlfriends and cute shoes.....two things that I will always love!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm back!

I've been told by numerous people that my blogging skills suck and that I haven't updated in a while. Oops!!! I guess life got in the way (again) but Ben is gone for the day and the kids are playing quietly, so lets purge! I can get everything out that I haven't done for the last 4 1/2 months.

The strange thing is that for the most part, there's not much to purge...I think that may be why I haven't kept up on my blog as much as normal. I'm content. I know, doesn't happen very often. But I really am content. Yes, I have those days when I'm pulling my hair out, but who doesn't?

I feel like by moving here, we finally found the place where we belong. Everything just fell into place. The kids are happy, Ben is happy, I'm happy. Simple enough.

We love our neighborhood, we love the kids' school, and we love our ward. Ben and I both have callings and I've really found that we seem to be happier when we are active in our ward, i.e. Riverdale and Eagle. The thing that makes this place different from those places is that we had to get involved on our own. There's no family to ease us in or friends from work. We started out knowing noone and this time, we actually felt welcomed from the start.

I know that some of our family and friends still don't get why we moved did they word it...oh yeah, BFE! But this is the part that I get know....they don't have to. They don't have to understand it. Hopefully, after a while the teasing will wear off and they will see just how happy we are and in return be happy for us. I don't have to rely on outside forces to be happy now....and that my friends is contentment :)